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Dear President Obama:

I am opposed to the possible exchange or release to the Cuban government of convicted Cuban spy, Gerardo Hernandez. Hernandez is now serving a life sentence for conspiracy to commit murder in the February 24th, 1996 shoot down of two American civilian aircraft flying over the Florida Straits.

Carlos Costa, born in Florida, Mario De la Pena, born in New Jersey, Armando Alejandre Jr., Vietnam Veteran and Pablo Morales, an American resident were murdered when their planes were shot down by Cuban MiGs. Gerardo Hernandez's conviction and sentencing is the only form of justice these victims have achieved in U.S. criminal courts to date.

I hope your administration upholds the defense of human rights by ensuring Gerardo Hernandez, a murderer of American citizens, continues to serve his life sentence on American soil.

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No Spy Exchange - February 24th, 1996 Shoot Down