Honoring our Loved Ones


C.A.M.P. 4 Justice Foundation

Named after Carlos, Armando, Mario and Pablo, the C.A.M.P. 4 Justice Foundation was established in 2000 with the purpose of promoting and defending human rights, particularly in Cuba. The foundation’s work takes on a variety of forms, including support of recognized human rights organizations, scholarships and grants to students and scholars, and distribution of information about human rights. The foundation also supports South Florida charities that assist children, the homeless, and American veterans and fight disease.

In addition to C.A.M.P. 4 Justice, there are three individual family foundations. Each foundation varies in the specific causes it supports but all share the same purpose: to defend human rights and promote their observance, especially in Cuba.

The family foundations are:

  • Costa Foundation
  • Armando Alejandre February 24, 1996 Memorial Foundation
  • De la Peña Foundation