Honoring our Loved Ones

Pablo Morales

Pablo Morales was born in Havana, Cuba, on May 16, 1966. He studied cartography and obtained a degree as a geodesics technician. In August 1992, he fled Cuba on a raft and after three days at sea, was spotted in the ocean by Brothers to the Rescue, a fact that later motivated him to join the organization. He was a passenger in the aircraft with Carlos Costa when they were shot down. Pablo is survived by his mother Eva Barbas, a sister, and a brother.

In the following account, Nancy Morales remembers her brother Pablo:

Pablo was born and grew up in a home that was very poor but very rich in principles and values. He was raised on values of respect, honesty, dignity, and love, all of which his parents inculcated in him. He learned to distinguish between good and evil when Christ arrived in his life. This is when he began a new and victorious stage in his short life.

We all remember him by his infinite faith, his capacity to forgive and his mercy for those who betrayed and deceived him. He had once believed in a doctrine that turned out to be the biggest traitor we have ever known: communism. It is important to note that he left Cuba for a very powerful reason: he felt defrauded, humiliated, deceived, and betrayed. He decided with God‘s help to risk his life at sea to find freedom and a way to help his family, who were living in conditions of misery. Like an overwhelming majority of the people in Cuba, he suffered hunger, vicissitudes, necessity, oppression and much hardship. For this reason, he came to feel so much love and gratitude toward the United States, which had opened its doors to him and had allowed him to experience freedom as well as the right that God had given everyone - the right to be a human being. This right played a part in his decision, because where he was born, in Cuba under Castro, rights are not respected and are, in fact, constantly violated.

After having been rescued at sea on a raft with 12 others - including two girls -- in the middle of a storm by Brothers to the Rescue, he felt a great necessity in his heart to respond with gratitude and love and to help others who might risk the ocean in search of freedom. He worked voluntarily to save lives. Brothers to the Rescue saved more than 4,200 lives from 1991 to 1994 with its humanitarian rescue missions. His most often used expression was, “Four eyes can see better than two.” Eventually, he became a resident of the United States and worked very hard, facing the distance and the pain of separation from his family. He worked in various jobs until he found a job as a driver with the company, El Sembrador. His life was not at all easy, but all he wanted was to work to help his family in Cuba: that was his reason for being. We remember his deep love for his girlfriend Hady, as well as all the dreams that vanished on February 24, 1996. However, we know where he is and who he is with. Thank you, Lord, for rescuing Pablo from the ungrateful world of today. Have mercy on those who enjoy the pain of God‘s anointed ones. Pablo lives in the hearts of all those who love him.