Honoring our Loved Ones

Take Action

Most of the intellectual and material authors of the February 24, 1996, shoot down have not been brought to justice. The United States judicial system has issued the indictment of the Cuban Air Force general and two military pilots directly involved in the shoot down. However, a United States federal jury’s conviction of Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez — who was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the shoot down — is currently on appeal.

Additionally, other Cuban military and intelligence officials responsible for the deaths of Armando, Mario, Carlos and Pablo have not been charged for their role in this crime. From Raul Castro, the minister of the Cuban Armed Forces, to intelligence officers and air traffic controllers, all individuals involved in the planning and execution of this crime must be held accountable in a court of law.

If our nation’s leaders do not act, they allow the murder with impunity of three United States citizens and one Cuban national residing in U.S. territory.

Ask our leaders to support the indictments of all the Cuban government officials involved in this crime.